30/03 2020

New Hospitals under Construction in Zangiota

Press center

Как идет строительство больниц в Зангиоте?

Reporters of news agency have visited construction site in Zangiota district of Tashkent region to have a closer look on the progress of construction of hospitals there. These health facilities are intended to accommodate and keep those citizens returning to Uzbekistan under quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus. The hospital blocks, designed to accommodate 10,000 patients or citizens under quarantine, are erected by construction divisions of Uzbekistan Railways and Enter Engineering. In total, this project has mobilized some 4000 workers and construction specialists. About 400 units of various construction equipment and vehicles are employed at two construction sites.

Construction works underway

“Currently, we are laying the foundation,” said Zokhid Boboyev, head of Hydraulic Structures Construction Department at Uzbekistan Railways.

“All required construction materials are supplied on time to ensure uninterrupted construction work. Necessary working conditions have been provided for personnel, and three-time meal have been organized for them. Construction work is conducted in two shifts, workers are provided with disinfectants and face masks. Personnel took safety lectures on how to protect themselves from coronavirus,” said Zohid Boboyev.

The health facility being built by Enter Engineering involves more than 1,500 workers and 150 units of construction equipment.

The two blocks, designed to accommodate 5,000 people each, will have separate living rooms for medical personnel, intensive care units for patients in serious condition and special quarantine rooms. Each block is divided into 5 separate buildings for 1,000 people each. Simultaneously, the construction team is working on connecting these facilities to communication networks and utilities, equip the hospitals and create the necessary infrastructure. These health centers will be accommodating citizens of Uzbekistan returning home by charter flights.