EPCC 01/01 2014 — 31/12 2016

Construction of Southern Kemachi low-pressure gas utilization station


Kockdumalagaz (Gazprom)

Project aim

Construction of a booster compressor station with capacity of 2,6 bcm/day, gas transportation from Southern Kemachi field to Mubarek gas processing plant.

Scope of work

  • Booster compressor station engineering.
  • Set up of GPU-8 NK /V BCS (2 units) for the stage 1 of compression in block-modular construction.
  • Set up of GPU-18 NK/V BCS (2 units) for the stage 2 of compression in block-modular construction with vertical blow off and impulse air-filtering device.
  • Compression system unit installation.
  • Cushion and fuel gas preparation system installation.
  • Sulphur treatment unit.
  • Impulse air treatment, instrumental air, and nitrogen generation unit.
  • Booster compressor station heating, power and oil supply, connection and water supply unit installation.
  • Booster compressor station automatized process control system installation.
  • Technologic gas metering units installation.
  • Procurement of pipeline formed materials (piping assemblies and supplies pack), pipeline support (steel constructions and support pack).
  • Cable and wiring products (cables, wires, tows) installation.
  • Assembling materials (gaskets, sockets, cable trays, shelves, lids, protection pipes and etc.).
  • Construction of accommodation premises (40 people), canteen and parking area.