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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Protection Policy

Road Traffic Safety Policy

Work Stoppage Policy

Alcohol and Drugs Prohibition Policy

Change Management

  1. Introduction

    1. This Policy of Enter Engineering PTE. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) in the field of Health, Safety, Environment and Road Traffic Safety (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) is a fundamental document of the integrated management system in the field of Health, Safety, Environment and Road Traffic Safety (hereinafter referred to as “HSE” and “RTS”).
    2. This Policy is an integral part of the Company’s business strategy and sets out the agreed disciplines for developing programmes, plans, activities, goals and key performance indicators of the Company’s structural units in the field of HSE and RTS.
    3. This Policy has been developed in accordance with the applicable Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. Purpose

    1. The purpose of this Policy is to define the fundamental principles aimed at:

      • ensuring the Occupational Safety and Health of employees in the workplace;
      • zero accidents, excluding emergencies and injuries;
      • prevention of occupational diseases;
      • ensuring work performance with minimum impact on the environment;
      • mitigation of risks of traffic accidents.
  3. Scope

    1. This Policy shall be applied by employees of all structural units of the Company, including branches, representative offices and regional separate subdivisions.
    2. This Policy is recommended for application to all subsidiaries and subordinating legal entities of the Company. The HSE and RTS Policy shall be subject to approval and implementation by the administration officers of the Company’s subsidiaries and affiliates as an in-house document of such subsidiaries and affiliates.
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    1. The long-term success of ENTER Engineering Pte.Ltd. depends on the Company’s ability to continuously improve the quality of the services provided while ensuring an adequate level of Occupational Health and Safety. Through its activity particular attention will be dedicated to ensuring an adequate level of Occupational Health and Safety.
    2. To achieve the goal, ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. requires active involvement of all employees of the Company at all levels as well as employees of subcontractors in this process to support the development of a dynamic and modern culture of Occupational Safety and Health the purpose of which is to implement activities on a LTI free basis. This will be facilitated through the continuous training of all the Company’s employees at all levels in HSE management best practices, as well as the implementation of the following approach: “I am going to set a good example and standard to others” by the Company’s senior management and management of all its structural units. Employees shall be given full rights to “work suspension” if they are exposed to perceived or potential risks to their lives and health in the course of performance of their duties for which total impunity is guaranteed.
    3. Through its activities ENTER Engineering intends to adhere to the following fundamental principles:

      • strict commitment to Occupational Health and Safety at all times and under all circumstances;
      • phased implementation of all the seven rules of “zero accident and zero injury” approach to ensure prevention and avoidance of adverse effects the probability of which is high taking into account the geographical dispersion of facilities;
      • goal setting, definition and achievement of Occupational Health and Safety milestones and implementation of an efficient Occupational Health and Safety management system with regular comparison of the results achieved and continuous evaluation of the lessons learned from the previous experience;
      • monitoring, assessment and continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety activities through definition of required standards, delivery of trainings, current risks assessment and audit;
      • full emergency preparedness and timely response to emergencies;
      • continuous training of the Company’s employees, subcontractors and business partners in order to improve their knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety standards;
      • open exchange of information with all stakeholders and communication of all existing Occupational Health and Safety policies and requirements to all employees of the Company;
      • a responsible approach to the third-party property.
  5. Environmental Protection Policy

    1. Concern for the environment is an integral part of the corporate culture of ENTER Engineering Pte.Ltd. and the Company ensures its sustainable development. In order to prevent any potential adverse effects, the Company undertakes and makes all necessary efforts to ensure environmental protection, preservation and restoration of natural resources, including continuous improvement of products, processes and labor conditions for the Company’s employees and partners.
    2. Through its activities ENTER Engineering adheres to the following fundamental principles:

      • compliance with legal requirements and other requirements applicable to the Company’s activities in the field of environmental protection, including International Law and ISO 14001;
      • preservation of healthy environment and biological diversity;
      • minimization of adverse impacts on the environment by controlling and preventing emissions, rational use of natural resources and appropriate waste disposal;
      • developing a caring and respectful attitude towards the environment, strengthening each employee’s responsibility for environmental protection and ensuring appropriate operation methods and delivering respective trainings to personnel;
      • priority of preventive measures over measures aimed at mitigation of emergencies consequences;
      • appropriate analysis and assessment of the works in progress to highlight the results achieved and to ensure that the principles set out in this document be followed;
      • management of operations to avoid accidents and control the level of harmful emissions and wastes in terms of their compliance with permissible limits; appropriate approach to engineering, operation and maintenance of facilities;
      • balancing of interests of the Company and the Community when using natural resources;
      • interaction with the community on environmental issues and exchange of experience to increase the operational indicators as a whole;
      • open discussion with stakeholders on adverse impacts on the environment in order to minimize effects thereof.
    3. The Company aiming at the operations without causing adverse impacts on the environment, intends to become a leader in the sphere of Occupational Health and Safety and create a positive reputation both in the Republic of Uzbekistan and internationally.
  6. Road Traffic Safety Policy

    1. Due to the fact that vehicles, machinery and heavy machines move throughout the site and project areas the highest risk in the course of implementation of the Company’s projects is road traffic accidents (RTAs). To ensure reduction of accident risks as well as compliance with all the requirements of the Company’s Road Traffic Safety rules by employees, this Policy applies to all facilities of ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd.

      Training and qualification of drivers

      Vehicles, machinery and heavy machines of ENTER Engineering Pte.Ltd. including those belonging to subcontractors may be operated by approved and qualified personnel only. Drivers of passenger vehicles and machinery should have reasonable experience in operating any vehicles, machinery and heavy machines and the relevant certifying documents. Drivers and operators shall be trained and assessed on a regular basis by the Company’s Road Traffic Safety Department (RTS Department) by organizing respective examinations.

      Safety belt

      All drivers of the Company, as well as employees of all subcontractors, should use seat belts on a permanent basis when driving vehicles and machinery. This requirement is also mandatory for all passengers.

      Pre-trip medical examination and registration of trip tickets

      Before each trip or operations drivers of vehicles and machinery should undergo a pre-trip medical examination to exclude any possibility of driving or operating under the influence of alcohol or being unhealthy. Registration of trip tickets is a mandatory requirement of the Company in case of driving vehicles and operating machinery and should be issued by dispatchers of facilities with seals and / or signatures of a medical officer and a mechanical engineer.

      Prohibition of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances

      Driving passenger vehicles and machinery under the influence of alcohol/drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited and violation of these requirements leads to the application of disciplinary actions in accordance with the Company’s corporate labor policy including termination of employment and without the right to re-employment.

      Monitoring system

      Most of the vehicles and machinery of ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. are equipped with the GPS system through which their location and speed are monitored. Information on speeding violations is continuously monitored by the GPS Service and the RTS Department through the GPS system and promptly communicated to the Company’s management for taking appropriate measures to prevent violations.

      Cellular phones

      To ensure the safety of drivers and their passengers, drivers are strictly prohibited to use cellular phones and their accessories while driving. Cellular phones can be put on “vibrate” to alert the driver of an incoming call or message. A phone call should only be answered after the vehicle or machinery has come to a standstill in a safe section of the road and the emergency stop signal has been activated.

      Disciplinary actions

      Violation of the Road Traffic Safety Policy requirements may lead to disciplinary actions in the form of reprimands, payroll deduction and termination of employment in accordance with applicable laws and in-house policies and procedures of the Company.

  7. Work Stoppage Policy

    1. In the implementation of the HSE Policy, ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. is interested in developing and maintaining a safe working environment by mitigating and minimizing all potential risks that have a direct adverse impact on the lives and health of employees, the Company’s property and the environment.
    2. The Company attaches particular attention to the organization and performance of all types of work carried out by employees of both the Company and subcontractors in a safe and controlled working environment as required under the Laws and all HSE and RTS procedures of the Company. The Company’s personnel and subcontractors are required to take all necessary actions to identify all potential risks and minimize them as much as possible.
    3. The Company’s senior management establishes a “WORK STOPPAGE” status (WORK STOPPAGE POLICY) the observance of which is mandatory for all employees of the Company and subcontractors:

      • all employees of the Company and subcontractors have the right to suspend work at any time if he/she believes that the process of work or the working environment in which they perform certain types of work represent a direct threat to their lives and the lives of their colleagues, and also have an adverse impact on the environment and property of the Company;
      • all employees of the Company or subcontractors have the right to suspend the actions of another employee, regardless of his/her position, status and age, if such actions may cause harm to him/her or his/her colleagues, the environment or damage to the Company’s property;
      • work suspended according to the WORK STOPPAGE POLICY can be resumed after the threat to life/health of an employee or the Company’s property has been eliminated in full and safe working environment has been provided;
      • employees of the Company and subcontractors who have suspended their work should inform their immediate supervisor and the relevant employee of the HSE and RTS Department.
    4. All employees of the Company and subcontractors are fully responsible for strict compliance with the WORK STOPPAGE POLICY in order to prevent any harm to the health and life of employees, the environment and damage to the Company’s property.
  8. Alcohol and Drugs Prohibition Policy

    1. The mandatory Policy of ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. is a prohibition of consumption of any kind of drugs, alcohol and other psychotropic substances by the Company’s employees and subcontractors, as well as being under their influence. In addition, employees of the Company and subcontractors are strictly prohibited from bringing alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances to the base camps and construction sites, as well as from being under their influence after shift breaks.
    2. The consumption or influence under prohibited substances is a serious violation of safety with a high probability of causing harm to the Company’s employees and damage to the property. It is the responsibility of all employees of the Company and subcontractors to inform the Security officials and HSE and RTS department employees about all, without exception, cases of violation of the requirements of this Policy by employees of the Company and subcontractors.
    3. All employees of the Company and subcontractors are personally responsible for all kinds of potential causes of consuming alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances in the performance of their duties at the workplace, as well as during their stay in public places.
    4. For the purpose of ensuring full compliance with the Alcohol and Drug Prohibition Policy, the following actions without restriction will be taken:

      • In cases stipulated by the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, before employment with the Company, employees should undergo a preliminary medical examination for alcohol and drug addiction. This examination is an integral part of the employment process and should be accompanied by appropriate medical certificates issued by medical institutions agreed by the Company.
      • In case employees of the Company and subcontractors are suspected, blood tests for alcohol and drugs will be conducted on a random basis. Positive results of tests are the basis for the application of disciplinary actions in the manner stipulated by applicable Laws and in-house policies and procedures.
      • Additional actions to prevent violations of this Alcohol and Drugs Prohibition Policy by promoting harm of alcohol and drugs to people should be taken through regular workshops, seminars and meetings, if necessary.
    5. Random checks to identify cases of bringing, storing and consuming alcohol and drugs at construction sites and in public places.
  9. Change Management

    1. This Policy shall come into effect from the date of its approval under the Order of the Company’s General Director.
    2. Changes to this Policy shall be made under resolution of the Company’s General Director as advised by the Head of the HSE and RTS Department and upon agreement with the Company’s Administrative Director — Deputy General Director.
    3. Annulment of particular clauses of this Policy shall not annul the provision as a whole.
    4. The original of this document is kept with the Company’s Document Control Division.